Mink DeVille, CBGB’s, New York, 1977

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    1. Willy DeVille remained one of those tragic figures of the musical business, a drunkard who never found his place, never was understood, often fell into the wrong hands and often threatened to get lost.

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  1. I met Willy DeVille once. He was playing as part of a New Orleans revue at the Galway Arts Festival. Dr John took the headline spot. Such a Night. I interviewed Willy and he told me he felt at home in Ireland, having taken a trip to the Gaelic speaking heartland of Galway the day before and spent his time in a pub listening to traditional Irish music. Thanks for reminding me. The man had style.

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    1. Yes, Willy DeVille was a southern gentleman! But he went down. After a drug withdrawal and many comeback experiments, he finally found his Cajun roots in New Orleans. Allen Toussaint and Dr. John helped him to find a new home and recording traditional music. It’s not so far from Zydeco melodies to Irish folk.

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