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      1. On reflection, I’ve spent the day listening to Dylan who I’ve been listening to since I first heard him in 1963. One of my favourite albums is Modern Times. Don’t Look Back was Scorsese’s documentary about Dylan. I can’t agree with you, Dylan can still surprise me.

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      2. the thing about Dylan, in my opinion and after years of careful observation, is that he longs to be one of the lads, not just a musician who passed in the night but someone who’s left a lasting legacy. it might be the closest assessment of the genius’s potential to watch someone like Dylan, in the dawn of his days, strive for something every else knows he’s achieved already. so let’s not look back, but forward?

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      3. I have seen / heard three Dylan concerts in my life. Two of them were so bad that Sir Bob actually owes me the entrance price. It’s true that Dylan can be seen in the overall artistic concept. But sometimes he is simply overrated …

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