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Ringo Starr plays with a soccer ball while filming Magical Mystery Tour, 1967

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  1. After the Beatles and things such as this, he is indeed amazing. In fact, he was the tiny little conductor man in “Shining Time Station”, as well as being the first narrator in the “Thomas the Tank Engine” TV show. Before George Carlin took his place.

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    1. He was definitely not such a good football player as Rod Stewart, who even had a short professional career at FC Brentford. But the revealing mine game of the audience around Richard Starkey is wonderful.


    1. The „Magical Mystery Tour“ movie was a disaster. But the music soundtrack was a rare gem, often overlooked. In many ways, The Beatles at the top of their experimental period.

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      1. Yes, I remember MMT coming out and yes the filmed part was crap, though looking back it was a precursor to MTV style clips. Loved the somngs though, still do.

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